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Название: Ends
Исполнитель: Everlast
Альбом: Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Ends, some people will rob their mother For the ends, rats snitch on one another For the ends, sometimes kids get murdered For the ends, so before we go any further I want my ends I knew this cat named Darrell, he didn't have a dollar He was Harvard material, Ivy League scholar Had a Ph.D., had an M.B.A. But now he's waiting tables cause there's rent to pay Companies downsizing, inflation's rising Can't find a job, he's feeling kind of stressed Doesn't even feel the effects when he says Forgot to count how many times he been blessed So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack And once it hits his brain, it starts to chain react He sells the shirt off his back, shoes off his feet He's losing all his teeth, now he's out in the street And all of sudden he's like Jesse James Trying to stick up kids for their watches and chains But he's from business school, and he's nervous with the tool So he ends up on his back in a bloody pool For the ends...etc. I knew this chick named Sally, she had a nice strut And everywhere that I went, she was up in the cut Swinging that butt, like race you out here Only rapped the benz, and rocked the fly gear Brand name wearing, champagne waving Jewels around the neck, a life style she's craving Ain't no saving, she's doing enough spending If you do the lending, she'll do the bending Straight machine vending, it's money for take Shopping sprees get her on her knees And if you hit her with keys to your crib, you acting funny Come home one day, find her counting out your money From the Wetlands, all the way to the Apollo If you're broke she's spittin, and if you're rich she might swallow For the ends...etc. I knew these two homeboys, that made a lot of noise Making money on the block, kids was on they jock They was tougher than leather like Reverend Run DMC, they was toting guns Holdin' weight, goin' out of state Stackin' mad chips, and pushin' phat whips Fly jewels and clothes, and got no job And then one did some kid, and one got robbed For the ends...etc.

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