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Название: Next Man
Исполнитель: Everlast
Альбом: Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    aha 'And there, but for the grace of God, go I' It's kinda neat I wonder what it means I rock a jam for love I quit my band for love I'll smack the chrome tool right out your hand for love Make you cry like a dove Leave you standin' alone In a world so cold Watch the drama unfold 'Cause you sell your soul Now you're fearin' your death Sniffin' crystal meth 'till there ain't none left But, rock bottom hurts when you hit it You start to reflect on all the friends you shitted You probably won't admit it So you start to sink lower You're caught in the flood And you're tryin' to find Noah If you hungry and your near me yo, you gonna get fed If you sleepy and you need a place to lay your head Then come take my bed I'll sleep on the floor 'Cause these are the times that friends are for CHORUS (X2) I see everybody out here doin' for self And they don't give a damn on the next man Puttin' status and wealth over God and health I can't wait 'till you the next man I get uptight for love You know I'll fight for love I might keep my wifey up all night for love And when the daylight comes I be seein' mad bums With no shoes on their feet Plus nothin' to eat I can't save the whole street So I feel like I'm beat And why play the game when nothin' goin' to change The only change that's wanted is loose in my jeans I get rushed on every corner by a bum or a fiend Tryin' to keep my dean I try to give to the poor Tryin' to get through this life And get through that door I'm all up in this mix For these final tics Goin' all the way to seven And it's half past six CHORUS (X2) I pray to God for love I'll make Jihad for love And I just might pull your freakin' card for love Make you sing 'Hey Love' like my man King Son I freak the art noise Over all you toys Better bring your boys Summon all your crew No matter what you do It's comin' back on you Just like a planet orbits Let your sponge absorb it It's logical conclusion It's b-boy fusion And confusion say that he want control Of your mentality Your body and your soul So if you lose your whole Come and take my hand And link up this jam 'Cause money that's the plan Tryin' to get through this maze Not to win this race We either ridin' on our horse Or walkin' on our face So come take your place on the side of love And swallow up your ego and your pride for love CHORUS (X2) Can't wait 'till you the next man Can't wait 'till you the next man...

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