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Название: Caffeine
Исполнитель: Faith No More
Альбом: Angel Dust
Год: 1992
Язык: Английский

    Pour shame all over us Harden into a crust ---cement--- Forget the glamour and Mumble a jackhammer ---under your breath--- Hide your face in the curtains Better unsaid so close And it rolls off the tongue ALMOST The world expects a pose Perfectly natural ---loosen up--- Smearing wet concrete and Swearing you'll never be ---caught--- At your weakest, etched in stone And we're frozen here, peeking ALMOST, sweet talk, CAFFEINE Make contact Up to my neck I confess in quicksand "But it's so easy for you" "Yeah, there's always one thing" "Do you have something to tell me?" "Say something" "Anything" I'm warning you I'm warning you I'm fucking you I'm warning you "Relax" "It's just a phase" "You'll grow out of it" Believe anything anyone ever tells you It's not funny anymore It's the thing you hate the most The thing you hate the most The thing you hate ALMOST

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