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Название: Crack Hitler
Исполнитель: Faith No More
Альбом: Angel Dust
Год: 1992
Язык: Английский

    Sink the eight ball Buy the lady a drink And nobody knows my name Bodies float up From the bottom of the river Like bubbles in fine champagne He's the one, no doubt Walking on the tight rope He's the one, no doubt Got a gash on my head And a grin on my face And a shadow called danger Hidin' in the sheets And on the streets In the hearts of every stranger Here he comes, look out Teach the world a lesson Here he comes, look out Sweat on the brow And a tap on the phone And lives are on the line Pick up the briefcase On a high speed chase Breathin' by the roll of the dice Reachin' up to the top We're depending on you Reachin' up to the top "In regards to the usage of the drug... It modified my personality To the extent that I was Highly irritable." "I was like a crack Hitler." Keep up the fight And in the wink of an eye Never give up Ooh...ahh... Look out

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