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Название: Anne's Song
Исполнитель: Faith No More
Альбом: Introduce Yourself
Год: 1987
Язык: Английский

    "HEY!" "WHAT??" "Oh nothing just wondering what it if you're doing that whatever it is you're doing. "Oh yeah, why?" "I dunno, it just doesn't seem like something you'd be doing that's all, you of all people, know what I mean?" "Yeah, I know it's been bugging you since the day I was born, huh? I asked my friend Anned about it. I said, 'Anne, Anne, Anne, what am I supposed to do, it's been bugging them since the day that I was born.' She said, 'Do whatever the hell you want to do! Now is the time to do whatever you want and it will still turn out great. You've got the whole world at your feet.'" I never claimed to be different, I always said I was bored, and she's tired of your uniqueness, it sends her over head, first, then the rest of her follows, the breath of life, it never left her hollow... I can do everthing, she said, she said with a smile And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I'm with Anne Anne, Anne, Who? Anne Dagnabit, Island princess, girl with the juice What this? I see she brought her whole uptown contingent. First there's Jon E., he always love to party, he's followed by Vinnie, who's feelin kinda skinny, he says "Hey Anne I'm starved what you got to eat", she says "Vinnie you're always starving man, get away from that fridge!" Here comes lucy she's feelin really sexy, she's followed by her boyfriend, who'd better not turn around, this time, or he's bound to lose her, and here come Jamilla, who's got the cream soda... I can do anything, she said, she said with a smile And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I'm with Anne

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