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Название: Mark Bowen
Исполнитель: Faith No More
Альбом: We Care A Lot
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    Love...it's a beginning A justifiable means to an end And happiness, that triumphant feeling Only comes from within But ...you'll...never make the grade No you'll never, ever reach that plateau You're down below And it's where your soul will forever glow But it's not that ray of sunshine that feels so warm It's just that bottomless inferno You're in the depths of hell And I think that's swell And I hope you get well Well done, fried in and out Burned to a crisp, if that's what I wish I didn't write the rules I just follow them to a tee Cause that's me, I'm evil I'm hateful, I'm sinful, forgetful, mistrustful I'm diseased and contagious I'm suicide, homicide, genocide, pesticide I'm a human bomb I'll kill anyone And so are you, So don't be coy Cause you too can destroy me like a toy Not like Mark Bowen He never done nothin' to no one ... That didn't deserve it.

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