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Название: Whole
Исполнитель: Flaw
Альбом: Through The Eyes
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    So Maybe I am Bound By Fate A Problematic Scarring Induced By Hate It Never Seems To All Pan Out Is That What All This Teaching Is Needed To Scout You Seemed To Have A Bad Effect Your Rules And Contradictions I would Neglect Though Not My Fault You Made Me Feel Like My Own Education Wasnt Truly Real Then You Came Right In Tearing Out My Soul How Could All This Loss Be Your Only Goal I`m Left Standing Here Desperate In The Cold Since You Took Your Life Mine Has not Been Whole So There I Stood A Scolded Child The Reasons Never Questioned My Pains Been Filed Inside This Place That Makes Me Feel I learned Life Is Unfair And That Is Very Real [Chorus] While You Try To Overcome The Lesson Makeing The most Of Those Questions That Just Keeps Me Guessing I`m Looking Longer, Harder, Further Than I Ever Have Solitude Breaking Me Down You Always Seemed Glad To Put Me down And Stick Me In That little Pit Personal Growth As A child That Mattered Not A Bit Then I Became The Person That You Hated Most Disrespecting The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost A Small Example Of What The Things You`ve Done To Me Have Changed In My Life And Changed The Things I`ll Never Be I`ll Never Be [Chorus]

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