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Название: Finally
Исполнитель: Fool's Garden
Альбом: Dish of the Day
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    No longer the same train It's reelin' on a different track No longer the same mistakes And no more looking back The station you're heading for is not a place for me I couldn't see the barriers while I was standing in between Finally No longer the man I used to be No longer the same ship We were sailing on a different sea No other apparent reason to go down on my knees We were runnin' way too fast, but now it's runnin' off the rails I couldn't see the exit Not before the moment we were bound to fail Finally No longer the same shit Finally No longer the same train Finally Without you, without you Finally, finally No longer the fool for you, no puppet on a satin string No more excuses for nothing, no more words that I don't mean We were plantin' the same tree but we had different leaves Now the soil is dry Let's end up this story For another one to begin Finally

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