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Название: Probably
Исполнитель: Fool's Garden
Альбом: The Principal Thing
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский
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    Dan is drinking coffee Mary's drinking tea Betty's having breakfast in the plastic surgery Some say she's a beauty Some may say she's mad But she doesn't care what the people say and dyes her red hair black You don't know, what they will say You probably've to do it your own way You don't know, what they will see Absolutely nothing . probably Tom is vegetarian A little fool they say His father wants to change his mind He's trying every day Anne is loving women Fred is loving men And everybody shakes their head 'Cause noone understands You don't know... In the corner plays a gypsy girl With Indians and with Jews Penny sings along with them though she wears different shoes You don't know... You don't know, what they will do Noone ever knows, you don't know too You don't know, what they will say You probably don't need another way

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