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Название: Rainy Day
Исполнитель: Fool's Garden
Альбом: The Principal Thing
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    The porridge's been good The marmalade too I take another slice of bread The bacon is hot but I don't mind Too long I boiled the egg I'm still a little tired, my bones are weak Another day off I take I guess the sun had the same idea And now we have a break It's a rainy day, a rainy day But I love it It's a rainy day The water comes down But I love you Milkman Mr Miller is ringing my bell Do you take a litre or two But I don't wanna drink his milk today I feel fine without it too He steps into a puddle by going away I hear him swearing at The forecast promised high pressure today And now he's getting wet It's a rainy day, a rainy day... Rosalie MacLovely is waiting for a cab In the middle of the pouring rain Old bold head MacArthur is waiting for his hair to grow again Once upon a time he was a curly head But all those days are gone And now he's looking like a fireball When he gets into the sun It's a rainy day, a rainy day...

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