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Название: Androgyny
Исполнитель: Garbage
Альбом: Beautifulgarbage
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    When everything is going wrong And you can't see the point in going on Well nothing in life is set in stone There's nothing that can't be turned around Nobody wants to feel alone And everybody wants to love someone Out of the tree go pick a plum Why can't we all just get along? Boys in the girls room Girls in the men's room You free your mind in your androgyny Boys in the parlor They're getting harder I'll free your mind and your androgyny No sweeter a taste that you could find Than fruit hanging ripe upon the vine There's never been an oyster so divine A river deep that never runs dry The birds and bees they hum along Like treasures they twinkle in the sun Get on board and have some fun Take what you need to turn you on Behind closed doors and under stars It doesn't matter where you are Collecting jewels that catch your eye Don't let a soulmate pass you by

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