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Название: Untouchable
Исполнитель: Garbage
Альбом: Beautifulgarbage
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    This is nothing new to me It takes more than what you got To frighten me I'm not scared of you There's nothing you can do Or take from me Untouchable You think you're untouchable You know No one's untouchable You're bound to lose the game There's no one else to blame You play so safe And you're not risking enough You are doomed to be undone I swear I'll be the one To bring you down It's all your fault Cause you got caught It must be nice To be so sure And never feel insecure It must feel good to believe You're always right And you're never wrong You've got something to say You say it to my face And be a man about it You got a problem with me Don't go behind my back Just like a baby Pride comes before you take a fall You'd best beware a woman scorned Cause no one's untouchable

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