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Название: Hammering In My Head
Исполнитель: Garbage
Альбом: Version 2.0
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    I'm stressed but you're freestyle I'm overworked and I'm under-sexed I must be made of concrete I signed my name across your chest Give out the same old answers I trot them out for the relatives Company tried and tested I use the ones that I love the best When did I get perverted I can't remember your name I'm growing introverted you touch my hand but it's not the same This was so unexpected Never thought I'd get caught Play boomerang with your demons Shoot to kill and you'll pop them off (Bang bang) Like an animal You're moving over me You should be sleeping my love. I knew you were mine for the taking When I walked in the room I knew you were mine for the taking Your eyes light up when I walk in the room A hammering in my head don't stop In the bullet train from Tokyo to Los Angeles Leaving you behind A flash in the pan A storm in a teacup A needle in a haystack A prize for the winning A dead for the raising A catch for the chasing A jewel for the choosing A man for the making In this blistering heat You sweat it all out Your bedroom eyes and those baby pouts Our electric storms and our shifting sands The candy jars and our sticky hands Don't forget what I wrote you then Don't forget what I told you then Don't forget that I meant it when Don't forget your ventolin

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