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Название: Too Uptight
Исполнитель: Graham Coxon
Альбом: Crow Sit On Blood Tree
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Once there was a nothing The voices rang so true The knowledge that was lacking Cut innocence in two Everything seemed too good to be right When I was 16 I was too uptight Now disappointment's shadow Reveals a colder time A harder kind of living In disillusion How can it go The fear of the night Now I am grown I'm just too uptight A slow and noble breakdown of personality Careless, heartless, soulless, No dignity My days are flown And I can't recall Feeling so alone Was I so uptight Death creeps ever closer A darkness falls in me A scared fragmented loner Unholy A night with no end An echoing sea I'll think about me How I'm too uptight

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