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Название: Hurt Prone
Исполнитель: Graham Coxon
Альбом: Crow Sit On Blood Tree
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Every time I see you I got that feeling that I've seen you before And each time I try to talk to you I just get the feeling that I'm being a bore And I'm sitting down with my hands on my head And all I'm thinking about is a shadow falling over my mind And I feel if I get to talk to you Like something's gotta... like the suns gotta shine It's always been so difficult to talk to you in my small dark place And everything I feel so strange about keeps on changing its shape One day I might open my eyes and decide that I am dead Until that day I'll just try and dream of you inside my head You were soiled You are now I want you To feel real blue All my life I'm beginning to feel like I'm running to where nothing really exists And I... write a thought of mine on my t-shirt instead I feel like a child, I put pen to paper and I'm beginning to cry And all you can do is absorb my tears when I do not say bye bye You're so good You are mine I'm so bad When I don't shine You're so fine out of time You're so cruel to this fool I wanna talk but all is blocked and I just don't know every what to say And every night I'm dreaming, dreaming

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