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Название: Jackass
Исполнитель: Green Day
Альбом: Warning
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    To know you is to hate you So loving you must be like suicide Well I don't mind111111 If you don't mind Hell, I am not the one that's gonna die I guess I just can't listen To this one-sided conversation again Well I don't care111111 If I don't care No one ever said that life was fair Well everybody loves a joke But no one likes a fool And you're always crackin The same old lines again1111 You're well rehearsed on every verse And that was stated clear But no one understands your verity The center of attention And an honorable mention once again Congratulations11111111 And salutations You're a figment of your own imagination To know you is to bait you And you fell victim to your own denial Well I don't mind111111 If you dont mind You're was...ting...all...your...time

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