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Название: Pretty In Scarlet
Исполнитель: Guano Apes
Альбом: Walking On A Thin Line
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    We slept a while to turn it off and get it out of our minds I slept a while to get it all it seems alright to find a place without a single lie where is the night we ran into Nothing is good I can.t explain falling down and caught up the rain I turn myself into changes the night I kissed you goodbye (your death is over) You want to live a lie and I.m pretty in scarlet come on you want to wash it down and I.m pretty in scarlet I turn myself to say goodbye It.s o.k. it doesn.t count found my place a deeper sound let me dive alone You gave me wine to poison me and take away my time I can hear you cry I wonder why And if you throw a stone on me I.m pretty in scarlet and if you need some pain to see I.m pretty in scarlet and if you live your lies I will run

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