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Название: Human Being
Исполнитель: Guns N`Roses
Альбом: The Spaghetti Incident?
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    ready holervabeese (bkwrds talk?) 1234 1234 (kazoo madness) oh yeeeahh oh yeeeeeeahh well if you don't like it, go ahead find yourself a date Go ahead now try to find a boy whose gonna be what i hate What you need is a plastic doll with a fresh coat of paint Whose gonna sit through the night And just always act so quaint Umne head eh yeahohhh yeah well uh Its your new friend you're really making a scene And I see you prowlin in a round I'm gonna take you to my knee But you know that There's just a reeling never really what they mean But you can try to generate some heart, Then you'll see just what I mean Dobbie dobbie doobie yah And if I've acted like a king don't ya know it's cos uh I'm a human being And if I want too many things don't ya know it's cos I'm a human being And if i've got to dream don't you know it's cos I'm a human being And when it gets a bit obscene don't ya know it's cos, I'm a human being I just gotta walk around with my head up town Just like a human.. one _more_ human being I can hold my head so HIGH Just like a human, a riff raff human being Won't ya gimme a little sip- Why won't you gimme a drag of that cigarette Why don't you try to drive me home , And then uh, never ever forget But now, don't you blow it all on a million dollar bet Because you're liable to lose it On a bet that you've never had yet No bababt baby ohyeah And if i've acted like a king Don't ya know it's cos i'm ahuman In fact ya tell me it's not the human race Ya tryin to tell me I'm a big disgrace Ah baby yeah yeah yeah ...fuck em fuck em fuck em allll ow.... Well I may think that this's all really just a do a part of me in It may be at the top of your manifest. Every little that I mean but i kept Discover that with history baby I'm just what I wanted to be See that though I might take to those bare magazines or the Hollywood rating Machine Oh baby baby oh yeahhh Im a human bein ect HA HA HA ha ooohhh yeah I'm a human bein yeah o yeahaow yeah I'm a human bein yeah im a im a im a wowo I'm a human being yeah Ow yeah More kazoo madness

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