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Название: Halloween
Исполнитель: Halloween Songs for All Ages
Альбом: Halloween Songs for All Ages
Язык: Английский

    I moved in that very day The room was small but I liked it anyway You watched TV while I dreamed through my mind And the pregnant girl was busy all the time September and October passed me by I decided to go home for a while I got a lift with an old friend of mine I wanted her but still she reminded me on the way So when I got home I went to see Mum and Dad They asked was I ok was I happy enough And I smiled and said that I was A few days later I decided to leave I couldn't find anyone who could take me The only thing I could do was take a bus So at half six I left to get the late express I boarded the bus with the clean washing over my back I said I sat with a girl dressed in black We talked and smiled most of the way Till the jealous boyfriend angrily led her away Then when I reached the house there was a party on inside My friend came to the door took my bags from my hands And welcomed me in from the night As I was walking through the happy house on halloween night My friends were all around and my heart was glad and my life felt actually alright [x2]

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