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Название: Johnnies In The Bathroom
Исполнитель: Hole
Альбом: The First Session
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Dear Diary, I was standing in a bus stop today and they must have known I wanted to be a model, so I'm gonna call them tomorrow. Won't be long before I'm in all the big rock videos. The most incredible thing happened to me in Odella last weekend; that's why I'm writing. You see, I met this guy... Hey, wow Wow, what's going on up there? Did you have dinner yet? Who wants dinner when you can get a goddamn good dick up your ass? (laughs) Oh, I need you girl Huh? I need you girl You need me, boy? Yeah....yeah, I need you too Huh? I need you too, baby Dear Diary, I can't write a lot; Johnnie's in the bathroom. I met him in Shasta tonight and he's just incredible. He's got this long, straight, black hair and he wears all this silver jewelry, velvet pants, black boots, etc. I love your big muscles It's a lickable pussy Hi baby, how you doin? Well, all y'all want some pussy? Well, all y'all grab on the Soul Train line and get it ...guitarist for the Black Band Babies and we went in a doghouse...

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