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Название: Remember Me?
Исполнитель: Hoobastank
Альбом: Hoobastank
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    I stand here face to face with someone that I used to know. He used to look at me and laugh. But now he claims that he's known me for so verylong. But I remember being no one. I wanted to be just like you. So perfect. So untouchable. Now you want me to be with you. Someone who used to have it all. Do you remember now? You acted like you never noticed me. Forget it. 'Cause the gone has come around and you're not aloud to be a part of me. Did you know me? Or were you too preoccupied with playing king in your small kingdom, And now the real world has stripped you of your royalty And from your kingdom you're evicted.

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