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Название: Educated Fool
Исполнитель: Hoobastank
Альбом: They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    As I roll over in my bed, the same old thoughts run through my head What are you getting up for I look outside, the night still rules, an incarcerated fool And my prison cell is school So I open the door to my new day, bad thoughts should go away But the morning is so grey How am I supposed to understand a word they're going to say? My mind's just not awake Today's the day I break away from this life of monotony And I arrive and kick my way to class, sit down Head down on the fake wood Instructor starts to speak about the time when man was ape And though I'm trying really hard, my mind won't cooperate It tells me where I should be, in the sun where life is carefree That's when I say, can I just go away and learn some other day? Cause I can't live by the rules established by the school An educated fool People always say to me, go to school so you can be Listen hard and fill your mind's potential, or lack there of But sometimes I'm not in class just cause that I will not pass He walks around and stops at me, my letter comes after "E" A, D, doesn't matter much to me A, D, doesn't say shit about me A, D, doesn't matter much to me Cause A or D is not me

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