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Название: In A Little While
Исполнитель: Hot Action Cop
Альбом: Hot Action Cop
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Once in a good while, Ya might find somebody to love you, Yeah, Kinda like ya momma, Or ya grandmamma watchin' above you, Ooh yeah, I hope that you stay for the night, I've made the bed and I've saved your side, Make me over, Bring me to the light, Until the sunshine opens my eyes, Wait with a smile and I'll, See you in a little while- They say that I've changed, Since I've been livin' without you, Yeah, I can't stay in one place, The memories they chase me, Around the room, I planted a shade tree, And I lay there thinkin' about you, Yeah, The leaves fall around me, I'd love to blow away with them, If I could, Sometimes you win, Sometimes you don't, Ride my landslide, Out with the tide, You ain't goin' nowhere, If ya goin' there alone, Hold me over, The next flight to mine, Here with a smile and I'll, I'll see you in a little while- I used to waste my sweet time, Till you arrived, Now I don't know how I'll spend my time alive, When it's over, All said and done, Bags packed, Tags checked, Front of the line, I lay in clover under the sun, Lift my eyes up to the sky, And smile, Cause I'll, I'll see you in a little while, I'll see you in a little while, I'll see you in a little while

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