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Название: Biting Bullets
Исполнитель: INXS
Альбом: Listen Like Thieves
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    Don't you wonder Is anyone that strong It takes me under Believing what I'm seeing I get so tired of watching friends go down The hungry tiger for all who never began Biting bullets Biting the clouds Biting bullets Biting the clouds I saw the show Shaking all the babies Should I believe the parade of clever lies Shadow of light in the shadow of death There is no difference to all who never began There was a time There was a way to live And it's no secret That it won't come back again I lose myself like anybody else But I'm not so strong to make it in the end I need some answers when the day comes crashing down 'Cause it's all over when there's no one to be found

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