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Название: In Vain
Исполнитель: INXS
Альбом: INXS
Год: 1980
Язык: Английский

    Well just the other day While alone in my room I said to myself I need something new I've cut a new life slice And feed the lions twice And they'll shake their manes in confusion My love My love's in vain My love Put a bet on everything It'll come up fine My fingers are crossed And tapping in time You got a pretty face Such a pretty pretty face You can brush your own mane Fame is your pain Maybe an older woman Will show me a way To ease those creases And crave no reasons 'Cause reasons are with gods There's a heaven within me But we all shake our manes in confusion Should I grab you by the collar Or just go my way With a knife between my clean white teeth Don't want your feather in my cap Don't care about that You can brush your own mane Fame is your pain

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