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Название: All Dressed In Love
Исполнитель: Jennifer Hudson
Альбом: Jennifer Hudson
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    When you can wear What you feel What do you wanna say? Now love Is a little number That you can Wear each day As long as you let me Be the accessory Simply send me On my way Style of love I look good in love When it's been Out of sight And out of mind For such a long time That's how one forgets So I reached In the back Of my closet And pulled it out And tried it on And it still fits So I covered the pain up With lots of MAC make-up But I can't help but blush Because I'm in love All dressed up in love Chorus Cool in the summer Warm in the winter I'm dressed up in love I'm cool in the summer Warm in the winter Cuz I'm in love All dressed up in love People are looking Some even staring I don't know it When they ask me What I'm wearing This or that It's made For any weather My friend And I sit down And we both Make it together Now if you really want One of your own I hope your shoes Are made for walking Cuz I found love And I you must find love (Chorus) Cuz I'm in love And you must find love

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