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Название: Stand Up
Исполнитель: Jennifer Hudson
Альбом: Jennifer Hudson
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Said I, I, I I never meant to hurt you But you didn't even try To take away my pain Or dry my weeping eyes Cause you can't Can you baby? Keep doing me wrong And I won't accept it no more You had me so caught up baby Had me so blind Everything was about you I put all my needs aside So go back to her Stop wasting my time Cause I'm gonna, I'm gonna I'm gonna stand up (Stand up) I'm tired of being let down Takes a damn fool To keep you around Gonna stand up On my two feet Cause I don't need you To make me complete See, I had to learn the hard way That you were doing me You were doing me wrong All those lonely nights that You left me alone And gave me the power to finally stand up (Stand up, damn fool) To keep you around gonna Stand up On my two feet Cause I don't need you to make me complete To all my ladies and my girls Know that he's not your world Don't be afraid to leave Come on ladies sing with me And stand up (Stand up, damn fool) I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna Stand up On my two feet Cause I don't need you (I don't need you) To make me complete (I won't need you) Stand up (I won't miss you around oh baby) (Damn fool) I'd be a damn fool to keep you around Stand up (I'll stand up) I don't need you to make me complete

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