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Название: Wrong When You're Gone
Исполнитель: Jennifer Lopez
Альбом: Brave
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский
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    Guess I Should Have Shut My Mouth But I Had To Get It Out So Much For Being Headstrong Now Im, Going Halfway Out My Mind I Know I Was Outta Line No Scratch That, I Was Dead Wrong Know I Shoulda Let It Go But I Just Had To Be Right Coulda Left It Alone But No, I Had To Be Right Swear I Woulda Just Fell Back If I Knew All I`d Be Left With Is These Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas Cuz You`re Gone Now Im Here Trippin Cuz You Came Up Missin And My Head Keeps Spinnin It`s Gettin Outta Control I`m Backin Down This Time I Don`t Wanna Fight I Don`t Care Who`s Right Cuz I`m Wrong When You`re Gone When You`re Gone (3x) I Know I Pushed You Out Runnin Off At The Mouth Sayin All The Wrong Things Callin You Out Your Name I Was Unpredictable I Was So Emotional I Swear I`m Gonna Do Better Can We Get This Back Together Again {Pre-Chorus} {Chorus} Cuz I`m Wrong When You`re Gone When You`re Gone

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