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Название: Heart of Innocence
Исполнитель: Jessica Simpson
Альбом: Sweet Kisses
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Sometimes I wake up in the dark of night And in my mind there's a picture of you I know someday this dream will come alive So for now your shadow will do I've never seen your face But I know your in my heart Maybe someday some place I'll hold you in my arms Chorus I have a gift for you Something that I've held on to Waiting for your sweet caress The ribbon has beed on tight For all that I hold inside And only you will possess This heart of innocence I lay my head down on a pillow of white Your in the dark I am cradled in peace No thoughts from yesterday to haunt me at night No tears to dry, no sad memories It isn't hard to hold And now I'll safely keep The strength that's in my soul Until you come to me Chorus Every night I make a wish before I fall asleep That destiny will take your hand And lead you to me Chorus [spoken] I love you

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