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Ќазвание: Final Heartbreak
»сполнитель: Jessica Simpson
јльбом: Sweet Kisses
√од: 1999
язык: јнглийский

    It s all about the way you re feelin Deep in your heart When she let you go I don t doubt you care Believe that It tears you apart Whatcha didn t know, Someday you ll remember Why you fell for her Why you said goodbye Don t let your broken heart keep forever mending And miss out on love that is never ending, yeah Chorus This could be your final heartbreak I could show you what good love takes Never say good bye Never make you cry Yeah this could be your final heartbreak This could be Your final heart Your final heartbreak I don t wanna take advantage Or maybe I do And I know it s true That I can help undo the damage All of the hurt That she did to you You need someone you can talk to Someone who feels the same About everything you do And I could be the one to make you forget her I wanna be the one to make you feel better - yeah! Chorus I ll let you feel a love so real I ll let you know Oh, I gotta let you know You will forget She will regret Letting you go I will not let you go This could be Chorus x3

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