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Название: Mother Goose
Исполнитель: Jethro Tull
Альбом: Aqualung
Год: 1983
Язык: Английский

    As I did walk by Hampstead Fair I came upon Mother Goose -- so I turned her loose -- she was screaming. And a foreign student said to me -- was it really true there are elephants and lions too in Piccadilly Circus? Walked down by the bathing pond to try and catch some sun. Saw at least a hundred schoolgirls sobbing into hankerchiefs as one. I don't believe they knew I was a schoolboy. And a bearded lady said to me -- if you start your raving and your misbehaving -- you'll be sorry. Then the chicken-fancier came to play -- with his long red beard (and his sister's weird: she drives a lorry). Laughed down by the putting green -- I popped `em in their holes. Four and twenty labourers were labouring -- digging up their gold. I don't believe they knew that I was Long John Silver. Saw Johnny Scarecrow make his rounds in his jet-black mac (which he won't give back) -- stole it from a snow man.

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