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Название: Flying Dutchman
Исполнитель: Jethro Tull
Альбом: Stormwatch
Год: 1979
Язык: Английский

    Old lady with a barrow; life near ending Standing by the harbour wall; warm wishes sending children on the cold sea swell --- not fishers of men --- gone to chase away the last herring: come empty home again. So come all you lovers of the good life on your supermarket run --- Set a sail of your own devising and be there when the Dutchman comes. Wee girl in a straw hat: from far east warring Sad cargo of an old ship: young bodies whoring Slow ocean hobo --- ports closed to her crew No hope of immigration --- keep on passing through. So come all you lovers of the good life your children playing in the sun --- set a sympathetic flag a-flying and be there when the Dutchman comes. Death grinning like a scarecrow --- Flying Dutchman Seagull pilots flown from nowhere --- try and touch one as she slips in on the full tide and the harbour-master yells All hands vanished with the captain --- no one left, the tale to tell. So come all you lovers of the good life Look around you, can you see? Staring ghostly in the mirror --- it's the Dutchman you will be ..floating slowly out to sea in a misty misery.

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