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Название: Back-Door Angels
Исполнитель: Jethro Tull
Альбом: War Child
Год: 1974
Язык: Английский

    In and out of the front door, ran twelve back-door angels. Their hair was a golden-brown --- they didn't see me wink my eye. `Tis said they put we men to sleep with just a whisper, And touch the heads of dying dogs --- and make them linger. They carry their candles high --- and they light the dark hours. And sweep all the country clean with pressed and scented wild-flowers. They grow all their roses red, and paint our skies blue --- drop one penny in every second bowl --- make half the beggars lose, why do the faithful have such a will to believe in something? And call it the name they choose, having chosen nothing. Think I'll sit down and invent some fool --- some Grand Court Jester. And next time the die is cast, he'll throw a six or two. In and out of the back-door, ran one front-door angel, Her hair was a golden-brown --- she smiled and I think she winked her eye.

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