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Название: If You Don't, Don't
Исполнитель: Jimmy Eat World
Альбом: Bleed American
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    What's wrong baby? Don't they treat you like they Should? Did you take them for it Or every penny that you could? We once walked out on the beach And once I almost touched your Hand O, how I dreamed to finally say Such things Then only to pretend Don't you know I'm thinking? Driving 405 past midnight You know I miss you Ninth and ash on a tuesday night I would write to you from museum Mile Toast to you: Your whisper Your smile Up the stairs at the wheatherford A ghost each place I hide I left you waiting At the least could we be friends? Should have never started Ain't that the way it always ends? On my life I'll try today There's so much I've felt I should Say but Even if your heart would listen i Doubt I could explain So here we are now A sip of wine A sip of water Someday maybe Maybe someday we'll be smarter I'm sorry that I'm such a mess I drank all my money could get, Took everything that you had and Never loved you back Would you mean this please if it Happens? Won't you get your story straight? If you don't know, honey why'd you Just say so? I need this now more than I ever Did If you don't know, Well honey, Then you don't

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