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Название: Seventeen
Исполнитель: Jimmy Eat World
Альбом: Static Prevails
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    Hung up here on a web of comfort. Taking off with no where to go. Standing tall with but you're a new Cold commer. It's harder than it Seems. You slip but never fall. They'll take you, when you wont Come back to me. Tearing down What we built up so well. Layin low As you came my way. Look alive With your head on backwards, goin Off when there's nothin wrong. It's Only in your dreams, but it felt like it Was real. They'll take you, when You won't come back to me. Hey Mosse, my friend dont walk away From me, because I really think You're cool. Is it worth turning back Despite these open hands? You're Tearing me apart. They'll take you, When you won't come back to me. (you need to find yourself).

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