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Название: Break Them
Исполнитель: Jordin Sparks
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    Long as I recall She's always been there Oh little miss style Comes with me everywhere Everytime I'm close That's when she appears Singing on my weakness Playing on my fears Wrap me up with words But now I'm breaking free Looking in the mirror I can see she's me Standing in a way Time and time again I've gotta find a way To break these chains Though I keep trying You keep holding on One day I know That I'll be Strong enough Enough to change And break away Show me a way To break them chains Whenever it release me I'll never ease How do you escape From where you use to be Tell me then And I'll start again Show me a way To break them chains I keep wanting to change You tell me that I can't You always knew What to say To make me feel bad And coming back to you (no) Running back to you (no) See nobody knows me Not the way that you do I thought I let it go When I showed you the door But you always Kept a spare key To my heart No I won't let you in You best do me again I've gotta find a way To break this chain It's been long enough And I've realized What you're all about (Realized what you're all about) You just wanna Keep me down (Just wanna) I won't make it easy Little miss style I'm older now Stronger now, wiser now I won't play your games You had me that way But never again Though the past (Something) It's time to break These chains

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