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Название: Gutz
Исполнитель: Joy Division
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    Warsaw! Don't talk to me girl - you know it's not nice Don't laugh at murder - I won't pay the price The facts are too high-powered - it's such a big thrill I'd do it myself, 'cause it makes you so ill Blame bad things on me, whatever you do When I come home my world is different from you You're such a chic tart - you're really dressed up Don't wanna talk to you - just left with your mum Don't be a puppet - always rush you around One just for your photo - try and tie me down I won't tell him I talk like this all night He must be worried 'cause you're sounding so trite Respect is only normal - the way to your lives Ever tried to sleep around - once I begged for a wife Wouldn't have to change you - start acting that way If we don't keep our heads alive, I'll never get a say You know what's special - it's as black as I say Can you see me, just ourselves - no comment, copycat!

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