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Название: Half The Truth
Исполнитель: Kaiser Chiefs
Альбом: Off With Their Heads
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Girl and boy Everythin' in full swing Heads or tails Doesn't make a difference Beneath the glamour There was always gonna be Amateur dramatics Alot of bad behavior I would see (I is said like ah?) Glasses on the table One, two, three Only you and me Wearing nothin' In the lap of luxury Sip it slowly Not a leg to stand on Take my money Twist our paper Leave the table Bad behaviour I got my spies Swift to every consultlate Be my eyes Tell me what i never see Cos a ghost Dont fear a lover Nothin' teath blank ah Get ready for the credit clubber Secret moore Gettin' it together With a big fat bowl Of alphabet spaghetti Watch the birdie Lookin' through the mirror Polly wanna cracker Thats not what i heard I will not lie to you But I defiantly only gave you half the truth I wil not lie to you ooo ooo I will not lie to you But I defiantly only gave you half the truth I wil not lie to you ooo ooo Ahhh Ahhhh Gentlemen Turn off your recorders I can hear them buzzin' From inside of you're tracksuits Got to get To California Where this woman is Threatening to sue me Get right back Back to the beginning Where we start off single And everythin' in full swing Everyone Around you wearing big gold hatscome on Playin the piano now Rapping Listen... I wont lie So baby dont cry The way I'm feeling right now I'm feeling so high I cant tell you the truth Baby you know why Cause everybody talks about me I'm a known guy I'll tell you half the truth At least I told you half For all the rest of it I'll tell you if you only ask Cause I'm a gold digga And I should know better

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