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Название: High Royds
Исполнитель: Kaiser Chiefs
Альбом: Yours Truly, Angry Mob
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    I remember nights out when we were young They weren't very good they were rubbish Running round Highroyds isn't fun Just teenagers testing their courage Hanging outside nightclubs in the snow Not very cool or impressive They let in all the girls from the year below No need for ID's with those dresses Got news from afar From a girl who knows who we are Still got my dinner money She can keep it Never had a fight that we haven't lost Not very tough or athletic Once I had a boxing champ in a headlock When he gets out I'll regret it Got keys to a car Picked up a girl from Boston Spa Fast food and cinema It's not worth it Got word from down south He'd heard about us word of mouth We haven't much stayed in touch Since Highroyds Let it go, let it go Cos no ones gonna tell you but a friend He's gone and he is gone and everybody went along And nobody was left here in the end Got news from Uncle Hew Through a second cousin ?? Too late there's a housing estate It's called Highroyds Got a text from an ex She wants to know when we're in London next Will you write a song about me I don't think so

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