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Название: Growing Pains
Исполнитель: Katy Perry
Альбом: Katy Hudson
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    You would think that I could find a simple song, a photograph of mine To show this public eye, what I have to offer I may not have a PHD, or speak in eloquent philosophy! I'm nothing more than simply me you see! What I am trying to say I'm just a babe in so many ways! I'm still growing, still stretchin' Still breaking in these new shoes Looking for a way to make a mark of my own I'm just a spring chick, wet behind the ears It's a part of life so there's no need to fear These growing pains that I'm going through I don't regret, I'm not ashamed that I haven't yet begun to speaketh ways... (As the wisest of men), oh perhaps some day But for now I'm grateful to be a part of the family tree, while The Man upstairs does His work on me It's a job that may take eternity to complete Just when I've learned all I can, those growing Pains up and kick on in again! Time after time, one more time and again, will it ever end? It's the lessons in our lives that make us wise But young or old I am told it's the same Oh, these growing pains never go away, so I'll just keep on trying Oh, baby don't worry about a thang!

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