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Название: Spit
Исполнитель: Katy Perry
Альбом: Katy Hudson
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    If You came by me would I crown You my King Or brush You off as though I really didn't see If You walked by my side would our souls then be unified I swore Your name would never be denied But I took up this hammer And laughed at all Your slander And pierced Your hands With the nails of blasphemy How could I do this? I don't know Said something forced me to it, so Spit in Your face and passed You by But time and time again I'd live that life of sin I knew it hurt you bad but I wasn't ready to give in Maybe someday, but not this day I said I wanted to live my life I was willing to pay the price But looking into my eyes I knew You felt this heart's cry I needed You bad my life was oh so sad But looking back at all this pain, this guilt, this strife Would You take it all away if I were to give you back my life? But You said I've forgiven thee And You said I've forgiven thee He was hanging on a cross With a crown of thorns in His head But You said I've forgiven thee And You said I've forgiven thee

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