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Название: Rock N Roll Jesus
Исполнитель: Kid Rock
Альбом: Rock N Roll Jesus
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский
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    Turn me up in the headphones Been alotta cheap talk but I rock still From the streets of Shanghai back to Knoxville Sittin' high on a mountain top holdin' shop spreadin' the good news Been alotta false prophets and quick hits And a lot of unAmerican bullshit But the time has come to settle and the devil's gonna make u choose And just like a cold wind blowin' can u feel me comin' for u Just like a freight train rollin' packed tight full of rhythm and blues Testify It's a Rock revival Don't need a suit Ya don't need a bible Get up and dance I'm gonna set you free yeah Testify It's all sex, drugs, rock n roll A soul sensation that you can't control And you can see I practice what I preach I'm your rock n roll Jesus Yes I am Been alotta bling bling but it ain't real And alotta new kings but I won't kneel Sittin' high on a mountain top, holdin' shop singin' the raw dog blues Like in old Mississippi's dirty cotton fields Or in Detroit City's unforgotten wheels It's the same song spinning but the same song's always been true And I'm gonna take my roll cuz I ain't got nothin' to lose And I'm gonna save your soul if it's really what you want me to do (Repeat chorus) Get on your knees I'm your rock n roll Jesus

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