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Название: Betrayed
Исполнитель: Kiss
Альбом: Hot In The Shade
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    You pay your taxes, you pay the rent, till you haven't got a cent It's the law of the jungle, if you got the hunger What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Just hold on to what you got (hold on, hold on), Just live it to the last drop You can't help it, you just can't stop Betrayed, yeah, life's a bitch, so just don't feel Betrayed, no, you ain't the only one who's been betrayed, betrayed Stone cold and all alone, and you're wearin' everything you own They bare your flesh and strip your soul, But underneath you got a heart of gold Just hold on to what you got (hold on, hold on) Betrayed, you ain't satisfied, I know you feel betrayed You ain't crucified, so get real, betrayed, betrayed All alone, far from home, and you're feelin' cold as stone Don't give up, don't give in, life's a bitch if you lose or win Betrayed . yeah, you ain't the only one who's been Betrayed . life's a bitch, if you lose or win . betrayed, betrayed Betrayed, betrayed

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