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Название: Quiet Little Place
Исполнитель: K`s Choice
Альбом: 2000 Seconds Live
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    In this quiet little place I can't remember having known a different pace In this quiet little place I can surrender to the beauty of its face And now everything I see Whether it's an airplane or a tree It makes me wonder About the things I must have missed And the chains around my wrists They are no longer In this quiet little place I can't imagine what it's like to be back home Where they care about what time it is And spend their days answering the phone And now everything I feel Whether it's fiction or it's real It's so much clearer Like the color of this light It seems more dangerous and bright But I don't fear her And slowly it fades, I'm back in the race I have to fight it, I know I don't want to go away In this quiet little place You run your fingers through my hair and whisper "Hey" And no matter how I try I can't seem to think of anything better to say

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