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Название: God In My Bed
Исполнитель: K`s Choice
Альбом: Cocoon Crash
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Before last night my heart was grey Like my country is today Big kaleidoscope I see A thousand people gaze at me To break the ice I start to sing About a cell called everything A cell so big a word like small Is suitable to say it all Is the fighting over? I lost track Like a wave it all comes back Same kaleidoscope I see Someone standing next to me It's hard to do, it's hard to try Hard to stop wondering why Do I keep filing every case When the answer's on your face You can't see her but you do Music is transparent too So join me, sing with all your might Hallelujah, praise tonight Far away and long ago Wintertime meant feeling low Now every single star looks bright God was in my bed last night

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