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Название: Universe & U
Исполнитель: KT Tunstall
Альбом: KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    A fire burns Water comes You cool me down When I'm cold inside You are warm and bright You know you are so good for me With your child's eyes You are more than you seem You see into space I see in your face The places you've been The things you have learned They sit with you so beautifully You know there's no need to hide away You know I tell the truth We are just the same I can feel everything you do Hear everything you say Even when you're miles away Cause I am me, the universe and you Just like stars burning bright Making holes in the night We are building bridges You know When you're on your own I'll send you a sign Just so you know I am me, the universe and you

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