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Название: Sweet Music
Исполнитель: Kylie Minogue
Альбом: Body Language
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    Check out this groove are you walking on air, Going into a new dimension yeah, So put your vibes on my beat and we'll lay it down like that, Slap the high hat in, put the fairlight on the track, And we can get, Crazy like that, Feel it like that, Move it like that, Drop it like that, Rocking the track, I'm looking for that new sensation, Woohoo!!, I think we're onto something, Your taste it mirrors mine, So hot and in the moment, Lets beat this demo right, Or I might just lose it, When we make sweet music, No feather bed, no exotic affair, yeah, Got samples and scratches lets do it right here, 'cause every heart beat babe is the sound track to your life, And every mad effect must be sent to get me high.

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