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Ќазвание: Cruise Control
»сполнитель: Kylie Minogue
јльбом: Body Language
√од: 2003
язык: јнглийский

    Top down, get on the wheel Baby things are better when you just feel And you do you your own thing Ah, just let it swing Drive me to I don't care I'm enraputured take me anywhere I just wanna fly I like this CD [BRIDGE:] Turn the music up And baby don't slow down If you want me All you gotta do Is keep me going now Listen, can you give me that? Baby just hit.. [CHORUS:] The cruise control Ready, get set, go You drive me crazy boy I like it racy boy On cruise control We've been on a roll Feels like the speed of light Sit back and enjoy the ride Oh no, the lights go green Time out, do you know what I mean? We're on our own I ain't going home Out there I wanna be No more bumper-to-bumper cars for me We're on the highway Put it on replay [BRIDGE] [CHORUS] Driving on cruise control (Baby can you give me that, baby can you hit the..) On cruise control [backwards] [CHORUS]

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