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Название: Dreams
Исполнитель: Kylie Minogue
Альбом: Impossible Princess
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Written: kylie minogue/ steve anderson/ david seaman To have any man but to love only one To wake with the moon and sleep with the sun To be a sinner a saint, a lover and friend To know a beginning but never an end To fly in the ocean, swim in the skys Believer in truth, defendant of lies To be of purest love, the deepest pain To be lost and found again and again and again These are the dreams Of an impossible princess To know the power of wealth and poverty To taste every moment and try everything To be hailed as a hero, branded a fool Believe in the sacred and break every rule To give into pleasure with no boundaries Living in chaos and harmony To feel the touch of a man, a woman's caress To know the limits of torture and tenderness These are the dreams Of an impossible princess Man and woman boy and girl They want to escape this world (nothing's what it seems) These are the dreams of an impossible princess It's a way of dealing with all the feeling Keep believing in dreams

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