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Название: No Blind Eyes Can See
Исполнитель: Lacrimosa
Альбом: Inferno
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    And you didn"t want to see Empty pages of your diary Poisoned mind kept dreaming Sunken thoughts of eternity In the world of dust Frost deep in your cold, clod heart No blind eyes can see There is no reality Between the laughter And the tears You lost your fear Got stucked to past Couldn"t see the light From the dust You changed your mask Sealed your pages with trust You tried to be safe But time saves no-one Chain of tears Handful of trust In the world of dust Chain of tears Handful of dust In the world wich can"t last I can hear it reaching I hear it whispering Little by little it kills No blood to bleed No heart to beat It came to get - you Don"t turn your back on it You know it waits And tries to put you in chains Momentary pain When the walls of your dreamcastle fell You"re hiding in a fairytale world full of fantasies princes killed the dragons and the heroes always survived you wanna know your destiny so you skip to the last page Chain of dreams Hands full of dust in the moment of the past Chain of tears Heart full of scars But the pain doesn"t last pinful tears You"d never trust So you hide to the past Chain of time No time to cry Cause forever you can"t hide I can hear it.... The day rises again And you hear the wings of the time Put down your swords Listen to the whisper in the wind Time changes everything But you have to wait Try to save your soul

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